2024 Q2

*HiveSwap Carnival Event

*List on CEx

2024 Q3

* Deploy major asset swapping and liquidity mining functionality.

* Begin HiveSwap community building and marketing campaign.

2025 Q1

* Introduce cross-chain interoperability to connect with mainstream blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin L2.

2025 Q2

*Enhanced User Interface

*Update and optimise the user interface and transaction experience.

2025 Q3

* Release HiveSwap's governance functionality and launch community voting and decision-making mechanisms.

* Further develop HiveSwap's DAO structure to enhance the transparency and efficiency of community governance.

* Facilitate the proposal and implementation of community-led development directions and new features.

2026 Q1

* Expand global market adoption and user base.

* Explore new market strategies and partnerships to drive HiveSwap's impact in the DeFi space.


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