How to migrate

Migrate your liquidity to the new HiveSwap Exchange.

In January 2024, HiveSwap announced V3 for Exchange and Farms(coming soon). The migration will be smooth, and there will be more surprises to look forward to.

How to migrate

Look for the V3 migration guide on the Liquidity page.

Step 1 - Remove liquidity from Exchange V2

In step 1, the helper will list all the liquidity positions that can be migrated to V3.

Click each of the "Remove" buttons to bring up the remove liquidity modal with 100% selected.

Then click “Enable”, sign the transaction in your wallet, and click “Remove”. Your wallet will ask for confirmation.

Step 2 - Learn more abount V3

In HiveSwap Exchange V3, liquidity providers are able to customize the trading fee tier and concentrate their liquidity to a specific price range to maximize their capital efficiency.

No action is needed. Simply read and make sure you are familiar with how V3 works and how to provide liquidity in V3.

  • Customize Trading Fee Tiers

Choose the fee rate you want when providing liquidity.

You can choose a trading fee rate from 1%, 0.25%, 0.05%, and 0.01% when providing liquidity. Usually, lower fee rates are more popular among stable assets, while more volatile assets will benefit from a higher fee rate.Please note that the UI automatically chooses the most popular trading fee tier after selecting the trading pair.

  • Concentrate Your Liquidity

Provide liquidity to a specific price range.

You can concentrate your liquidity within a price range. This offers traders deeper liquidity and allows you to earn more from trading fees with less capital investment.Your liquidity is only active and earning fees when the current price stays within the price range.Please note that after selecting the trading pair and fee tier, the UI automatically selects the appropriate price range for you.

Step 3 - Add V3 Liquidity

In this step, you will add your liquidity to the new Exchange V3.

Click “Add Liquidity”. Your previously removed V2 liquidity will show up in the list, click “Add” to bring up the interface for adding V3 liquidity.

If you don’t see the pair you want to add, click “Add Other Pairs” instead and choose the two tokens manually.

Please be aware that in Exchange V3, only active (in-range) liquidity positions will earn trading fee rewards.

Please be cautious while setting the price range for the liquidity position.

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