🐝Hiveswap Carnival Tutorial

Participants of HiveSwap Carnival have the chance to earn 8% of $HIVP and 21 million $MAPO tokens. Here is a simple guide for you to win the rewards!

🐝Join HiveSwap Carnival: https://pro.hiveswap.io/stake

There are two ways for you to earn points all the steps can be completed in 3 minutes!

Step 1: Bridge bTC or iUSD to MAP Protocol

  • Choose a chain

  • Select the token to be bridged

  • Connect wallet

  • Enter the amount for cross-chain

  • There is a Add token button on the bottom right corner, which can be added to the wallet.\

  • After initiating bridging, you can also check the cross-chain progress at "https://www.maposcan.io/" under "L2 Transactions".

Complete bridging to obtain Points for bridging!

Step 2: Add Liquidity

Make sure you have $ MAPO in your wallet before adding liquidity.

1️⃣ Get $MAPO in ButterSwap: https://www.butterswap.io/swap

2️⃣ Get $ MAPO in CEXs: LBank、Bitget and Gate.io.

  • Select the LP you want to add, click "Add"

  • Click on the logo to switch the network to MAP Protocol

  • Enter the amount of BTC you want to add, the system will automatically calculate the amount of MAPO, then click Approve BTC to authorize.

  • Click Create to add LP

  • Go to https://pro.hiveswap.io/trade/liquidity to view the added LP

  • After adding LP, you will receive the LP Points in about an hour.

View Ranking

  • You can view your Points on the event homepage.

  • Click Rank to see your ranking.

  • The higher your rank is the greater your rewards will be!

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